strategic-focus - mept2


Protecting and Increasing Benefits for our Beneficiaries
  •   The value of our investment in Marlborough Lines is protected and continually enhanced
  •   Our beneficiaries (ICP holders) are actively engaged with the Trust
  •   We operate in a transparent, legal and effective manner
  •   Tangible benefits are returned to beneficiaries whilst maintaining a focus on the Trusts future
What will we focus on to achieve these?

a.   Maintaining a strong relationship with Marlborough Lines Limited Company Directors with mutual respect for each others’ responsibilities

b.   Maintaining confidence in the Directors of Marlborough Lines Limited

c.   Actively support the Directors of Marlborough LinesLimited to achieve Company objectives

a.   Being aware of our responsibilities as trustees

b.   Acting on the requirements of the Trust Deed in an appropriate manner

c.   Ensuring Information Management Systems support the secure storage of and access to information

a.   Ensuring our purpose is recognised across the community

b.   Increasing engagement with our beneficiaries through an active communication plan

c.   Making appropriate information available to the public

a.   Distributing consumer benefits in accordance with Trust policy and the Trust Deed 

b.   Giving consideration to how benefits may be applied for groups of consumers as well as individually (ie: for public benefit)

c.   Maintaining awareness of legislative change that may affect current and final beneficiaries