consumer-benefits - mept2

Marlborough Lines pays a dividend to the Marlborough Electric Power Trust (MEPT) and the MEPT then determines an amount to be paid to each of its beneficiaries (the ICPs connected to the Marlborough Lines network). The qualifying date for this is currently around mid-January each year. The ICP must be actively connected and not vacant at the qualification date. The distribution is paid to all ICPs, including those in remote areas.

It is paid as a credit to your electricity account that your retailer provides. The amount is expected to show up in your February invoice.
If you are selling your house you may want to consider making some form of arrangement in your sale and purchase agreement to include this. However note that the amount is not confirmed until January.

The forecast distribution amount for 2019 was stated in the Marlborough Lines annual report to be $200. After considering the trusts tax position, and allowing for the increase in power account holders, the final amount has been resolved at $185.00, payable in the February power accounts.

Marlborough Lines does not have complete information on who occupies each installation during the year and therefore cannot allocate the amount of discount to different occupiers.

The Trust distribution is paid to the occupier of the installation at the date of qualification. It is similar to that of a dividend of a normal shareholder in that it is paid to the holder of that share at a certain point in time. Previous occupancy doesn't entitle the previous owner to this distribution.

Marlborough Lines is bound by regulation to operate as a successful business, as such part of operating as a successful business is that it must make profit. In turn Marlborough Lines either re-invests the profit back into the company or distributes it to the beneficiaries as a tax free discount off their power account. Traditionally this happens every year however the amount can vary. Discounts only go to those beneficiaries that live within the economic zone.