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Notice of Election - Call for Nominations

Under the Marlborough Electric Power Trust Deed of Trust notice is given that on Monday 23rd March 2020, an election will be held for three (3) trustees of the Marlborough Electric Power Trust under the First Past the Post electoral system by postal and online voting.

The Marlborough Electric Power Trust was established by Deed of Trust dated 28 April 1993. The Trustees hold the share capital of Marlborough Lines Limited in trust for the company’s electricity consumers.

The Trust Deed provides for three of the six Trustees to retire on the 1st of April each second year. 

Call for Nominations
Nominations are now closed.


Voting was held for three trustee positions on the board of the Marlborough Electric Power Trust from the 29th February 2020 until 12 noon 23rd March 2020.

Retiring Trustees Malcolm Aitken, Ross Inder and Nicki Stretch were nominated for a further term. Nominations were also received from Cathie Bell and David Oddie.

The consumer roll was available for inspection at the offices of Blenheim Accounting, 36 Maxwell Rd, Blenheim.

A postal ballot was held with ballot papers being circulated to consumers named on the consumer roll and identified as connected to Marlborough Lines Ltd network as at 20th January 2020. Internet voting was also available for the first time this year.

Voting closed at 12 noon on 23rd March 2020.

Election Results

The 2020 Elections are now completed and the results as follows:

2020 Trustee Election (3 vacancies)

Votes Received
STRETCH, Nicki - 4,575
AITKEN, Malcolm - 3,721
INDER, Ross - 3,016
BELL, Cathie - 2,154
ODDIE, David - 1,960

I therefore declare Malcolm AITKEN, Ross INDER and Nicki STRETCH to be elected as Trustees for the Marlborough Electric Power Trust.

Brenda Munro
Returning Officer